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Spiritual Burnout

Most of us all know that feeling of wanting to throw your hands in the air and say, "I am done!" Some of us have. However, we know in reality that we are never done until we take our last breath. This isn't just a feeling we feel in the middle of an argument either. So many people, spiritual or not, are affected by doing too much. Spiritual burnout is more than just having too much on your plate. Spiritual burnout occurs not just by spending our time and energy but also feeling too much energy. I could research all the different moon cycles and all the negativity in the world, trying to come up with a reason why we feel this way. There isn't just one reason. A lot of us already feel a huge difference during full moon and Mercury Retrograde. Then of course we have hormones, lack of sleep, busy schedules, grocery shopping, laundry, family gatherings, church, charity work, kids, pets, school (if you're furthering your education), bills, cleaning, and the added fact that there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. Those things are just the highlights. And aren't we supposed to be working on ourselves during all that? YES! There are days where I finally sit down to read and meditate only to wake up 6 hours later realizing I hadn't. Where do we fit ourselves in? Most of us "Lightworkers" need to find a balance. This balance is not just of priorities but of our own energy. We take on so much responsibilty, at work and outside of work. We struggle to say no, to delegate, and to ask for help. Our purpose here is to help, fix, heal. And, when we are not doing so, we feel we are not living our purpose. So what happens when we are constantly helping others, adding more and more to our plates along with our regular responsibilities, and never taking time for ourselves? We burn out. Even if we are trying to take care of ourselves when we can, we can still burn out. Signs that you are burnt out include: sleeping too much or being unable to sleep, inability to focus, irritability, fatigue, feelings of not being hungry or over-eating, forgetfulness, lack of motivation, anxiety, enhanced sensitivity, feeling stuck, crying spells, headaches, backaches, and more. During my last burnout, the feelings of just wanting to lay down and forget everything seemed to be the only answer. When I call upon the angels for help, they usually lead me to a friend, my mom, or a time-out in nature. This time, I was guided to a friend. Although hearing that she is experiencing similar feelings is not the most positive of things, I am glad to know I am not alone, none of us are. Her advice to me was to just be. Be ok with not being ok. Yeah, that's hard for me. Being a spiritual person who is always helping others, I feel that I HAVE to be ok. None of us like the way this feels which is why we strive and strive to change it. Trust me, I did the meditations, the Epsom salt baths, saged myself (multiple times), wrote down a gratitude list, prayed, cried, slept, protected myself with the white light of the Holy Spirit, cut cords, healed cords, went outside in my bare feet (to get grounded), ate healthy, exercised (may I add, forced myself to exercise) and even tried to start reading A Course in Miracles (again). Don't get me wrong, it all definitely helped but it did not raise my vibration to where I wanted it to be.

In the midst of 'being' today, I had to clean for Easter since it is always at my house, run my son everywhere (totally a typical day off from school), and wanted to take time to write this in order to help those who suffer from spiritual burnout. So I didn't just lay in bed and forget everything like I had wanted. Empaths suffer much more greatly than those who are not Empaths. So please remember to put yourself in that bubble of white light for protection every single morning before getting out of bed. We must learn to delegate and say no when our hearts are telling us to say no. It is so easy to go and go and go without realizing that we will soon crash. We must realize that these downs are a part of the journey. And although they do not feel wonderful, they help teach us how much gratitude we can have when things are up. Each feeling, each moment is a blessing. There is something to learn from it all. Just keep praying and calling in all the angels for guidance remembering, this too shall pass. Now go to your calendar and write out time for yourself every single day of the week for at least one half hour. Seriously, do it!

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