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Dream Parallelization

Dreams can be extremely wonderful and very confusing. Some are down right scary. Most times they have nothing to do with what they really mean. Unless of course you had a dream visit from a loved one on the other side. Those are very real and very important for healing. So what about those strange dreams where you feel like you can't move? You may even try to speak and can't. I have heard countless stories from my clients about these dreams and even experienced them myself, one last night in fact. I won't go into the entire dream, just the scary details. I remember walking into a room, not knowing where I was, looking for someone who went in before me. The room was small with another room (reminded me of a janitors closet) and this person was not in there. As I turned to walk back out, something (felt like a tall male presence) pushed my hands against my sides. As I turned to scream, he pushed his head against my face so that I couldn't. This energy was very nasty and I could tell he wanted to hurt me. As I woke up, I noticed I was laying on my stomach with my hands to my side and my face was pushed into my pillow. I never sleep that way. This was one of many experiences I have had like this. It used to scare me, but now I know what to do to stop the dream and I can easily fall back to sleep. When this happens, try not to get scared. Yes, you can consciously remind yourself of this in your dreams. When you cannot scream, in your head think, "Archangel Michael please make this stop!" He will stop the dream immediately. Archangel Michael is the angel of protection. Whenever you feel threatened or scared, you can call upon him and he is there, not just in a dream. In my own experience and research I have found a few causes of this scary, reoccurring dream. One is the chance of a negative spirit being in your home. Whether this spirit was there before you moved in, or attached itself to you or a family member is not always determined. Sometimes it is just energy that appears as a dark shadow which could have been caused by violence in the home or even suicide. In most of my dream parallelizations, the energy is a black shadow. But, this can be different for everyone and different in each dream. Another way we can manifest this darker energy is while enduring high stress levels. Psychic attacks are another way. A psychic attack can happen when another person is wishing evil on you or just talking badly (and thinking) about you. Trust me, that isn't always the case though. Another reason for this happening is the fact that we may be suppressing feelings, enduring a lot of fears, or carrying another person's negative energy. There are a few things we can do in order to protect ourselves from this happening too often. One is to call the angels in before bed. Ask them for protection as well as peaceful sleep. Keep Selenite (crystal for protection) next to your bed. Sage your room from corner to corner, even over your bed. Have a house blessing done to clear out negative energy or spirit in your home. Burn incense. Keep the TV and news paper out of the bedroom. Stay off your phone too close to bed time. Take regular Epsom salt baths in the hottest water you can stand for 20 plus minutes. Make sure to put your head under or pour the water over your head. Getting in the ocean is the best cleansing!! You can also sage yourself. Cutting the etheric cords by asking Archangel Michael to cut the cords that no longer serve you for your highest good, will keep those people who are wishing evil on you, unable to reach you energetically. Doing these things doesn't keep the dream parallelizations from happening completely, but they will keep them from occurring often. Call on your angels for everything! And remember, they do not interfere with our free will unless you give them the ok. Wishing you a peaceful sleep!!

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